Monday, January 9, 2012

400+ Things I Love

Found this over at Thought it would be a good way to catch up in this new year.

Butter cake with milk chocolate icing - The sigh of a grandchild faling asleep on my chest - Hearing your children laughing in another room - The feel of fresh clean high count sheets when getting into bed - Watching the latest version of your favorite TV show - Feeling the warmth of a roaring fire in zero degree weather - When your kids do the laundry - good report cards - a visit from my sister - finding space on my mantel for my children's trophies - catching up with a best friend - getting lost in a good book - when your child comes to you for advice - oversized Cocktail rings - salt and pepper hair - soft mittens - Tinkerbell - Dulce du Leche ice cream - unlimited time in libraries and bookstores - the salad bar in Ruby Tuesday's - the battery life of my iPad2 - clean public bathrooms - the Lost TV series - the silence of the world after a fresh snowfall - potato chips and sour cream and onion dip - True Blood - unlimited iTunes funds - the character Claire Mathison from the show Homeland - a hairy chest on a man - a movie date night at our local theater - Preparing a lerge holiday meal for our family - Pepsi - a good long nap - a girls day out with my daughter - Raisin French Toast - frozen pina coladas under a large umbrella on a tropical beach - penne alla vodka - seeing a puppy running laps from all its energy - How quickly you can change the mood of a room with a new coat of paint - Pinterest - peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses - Entertainment Weekly magazine. - birds sitting on a wire - walking around Aquariums - when my daughter lets her natural curls flow - unseasonably warm days in January - singing Karaoke with friends - hot crepes with soft butter and sweet strawberry preserves - the cool breeze of sitting on the porch on a spring night - the family of rabbits that live in our yard - Snickers candy bars - wearing my father's wedding ring in memory - my husband making dinner from scratch - white tulips in the spring - Eeyore- Six Flags Great Adventure - full body rafts in a heated swimming pool - Stand-up comedy shows - comfy slippers - irish accents - Ball Pythons - Yankee Candles - Norwegian Trolls - checking out new cookbooks - birdhouses - baskets of many forms - loaded baked potatoes - Blistex lip ointment - Glue Dots - vinyl decals - the smell of Mod Podge - blog hopping - satellite radio - magnet souvenirs from places we visit - a cool drizzle on a hot summer's day - discovering new videos on Youtube

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