Saturday, January 14, 2012

Should I make a change or No?

So over Christmas break I caught an episode of "Pioneer Woman" on the Food Network. I have heard all about the "Pioneer" woman." Her blog, her cookbook, her fame. Let me tell you, she was no Rachael Ray or Paula Deen. No sparkling personality or quick wit - just a nervous woman talking about her day living in the country.  Now, hear me out...Paula Deen is from the country and she makes it seem fun to cook in a southern way.  But the Pioneer Woman just shows how she just lived her day every day.

No offense, Ms. Drummond, but I just couldn't get into it because I do not live the way you do. My day does not consist of cattle or fiesta ware or that huge camera that she uses to take pictures of her kids on horses.  I am just a simple woman from the suburbs, working at a job, trying to keep my house clean, shuttling my kids around to their various activities  taking pictures with my iPhone and trying to keep my husband happy. My husband and I both enjoy cooking and could also share quick meals that every suburb mom could make. So I thought, hey! I could totally do what she does! Run a blog for people who have to go to work every day, and drive to softball and boy scouts, and use the dishes they bought on sale in Walmart. People who want quick but hearty side dishes to serve at Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner. Quick everyday meals for women on the run.
Now over the break I also discovered the blog of Jeff Goins. He is a truly amazing writer from Tennessee who helps people with their writing and blogs. I read one entry in particular which changed my way of thinking about my dream for my blog. It told you to stop dreaming at start doing. Start doing whatever it is that your dream requires to become action.
I do not make resolutions, they are pointless and no one follows through with them. Instead, this New Year I decided to take Jeff's advice and return my focus to my blog. I have been very lax lately due to my busy life laziness. But my dream is, when my kids grow up and leave, for me to have a career in blogging. Because I love it. Sure, it is not going to make me much any money, but I enjoy it. And that is what my life should be about, things that I enjoy!

Now the decision that I need to make, and that I would like your help with is:
  • Should I just reformulate this blog (again) to fit this new idea and keep the followers that I already have with a title that really doesn't fit?
  • Should I start a new blog with a new format and lose the followers I already have (around 200) . One that would seem better fit for a mom of the suburbs?
I would love to hear your opinions on please leave some comments.

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