Monday, October 24, 2011

Pill Trouble

So hubby is unemployed again. Damn economy. And Cobra just ran out so that means our prescription coverage ran out. And anyone who has read my blog knows about my being Bipolar. And anyone on Bipolar meds know how expensive they are. One months worth purchased here in the US would be $1,000!!! PER MONTH!!! Damn government!!

So I am going to order my meds from Canada. I will get more pills for hundreds less. Thank you Canada, (well actually India cuz' that's where they are being shipped from.) But of course because I am bipolar I waited until the last minute to order and their is no "express" shipping for meds from India! Damn ME! So now I have to make the pills I have last by taking them every other day, LOL.

Which makes me normal one day, and manic the next. Sooo much so that not even sleep meds can get me to sleep on those manic nights. I just lay there and think. And think and think. My husband is loving it cause I am not sleeping the day away and getting things done. But it is exhausting on the body, going back and forth.

I have 5 days down and hopefully only 11 more, LOL. Wish me luck!


  1. Ah, I was JUST in this situation. Still am, sorta...except I'm now routinely getting my meds after an emergency call to my psych and faxed scrips into costco. Yes, Costco! They're my saviors! Good luck stretching those's SOOO hard to go through that.

  2. I could've sworn I commented on this already! secret weapon (besides running around like a complete psycho until someone hands me a pill) is Costco! No, for reals! You wouldn't believe their prices. Go check it out (and take your meds...which reminds me).


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