About Me

About Me

Hello Friends! My name is Kirsten (pronounced Keers-ten). Welcome to MamaTink's Tinkerings! I am a middle aged single mom of two kids in Central NJ. One is 16 and in High School and the other is 20 and in College. I have been blogging on and off for several years. My "real job" has been in the medical and finance industry but my dream is to become a full time blogger one day. My blog name comes from my love of Tinkerbell and my constant love of tinkering around.

I love to share recipes, beauty tips and things that will make your life easier to live. I live with a mental illness and have overcome Cancer. It is a blog about finding happiness around you and sharing it. It is about living each day as if it were your last, regretting nothing but what you did not try.  Because you only LIVE ONCE. It is about overcoming hardships and becoming a better person for it. Come along and find a friend to help yo

If you want to contact me email me directly at mamatink68@gmail.com.

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