Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Fun While Learning

Every year parents struggle on how to keep kids interested in learning during the winter holidays from school.  KinderCare has provided a place where Discovery plus Imagination equals Fun!  Winter Science Camp!  This camp is a place where you can find several programs for Preschool\Pre-K or School-Age Children to learn about many types of science.

Programs include: Ghostly Glows for Physics, Candy Chromatography for Chemistry, Cracker Bugs for life Science or Adapt an Alien for Space.  These programs provide interesting materials that keep the kids involved and interested.  The Winter cold weather limits the learning in ordinary science programs, but not in Winter Science Camp.  It provides extra learning time for your students!

KinderCare has more than 1,600 centers in 39 states and provides programs for infants up to 12 years old. Find more about KinderCare Services here!

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