Monday, November 22, 2010

Neglect? Part 2

Who determines sanity? Who determines when a person is stable on medications prescribed? Can I be bipolar and be able to determine my own level of crazy?

My doctor changed my crazy medicine from Geodon to Seroquel SR. The Geodon was giving me crazy side effects, like constant giddiness and twitching like I was a crackhead.  The Seroquel XR stepped in nicely at 300 mg per day. My doctor even stopped my Zoloft thinking it wasn't necessary, because the Seroquel should do its job.

Life went by happily. Until Dad died. Then all hell broke loose. I was angry, impatient and unapologetic. This led to a visit back to the doctor's office, which provided an increase of the Seroquel dosage. This helped me control the anger and grief better. But I was still ripping my husbands head off and more. Another trip to doctor and another increase in dosage.

I believe we are at a good level now. My anger is controlled. I am more forgiving of people and patient. But I am now standing up for myself and not letting people walk on me.  This is causing some problems with the people who are doing the walking, but I am not a roaring lion. I am handling it patiently and calmly.

Unfortunately this medication makes it difficult for me to sit still and pour out my heart.  I am going to have to schedule my time so that I can continue being a part of the internet world.  Thanks for your support and patience. I still read my friends blogs daily, I hope to begin showing my support for you all again!

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