Sunday, January 20, 2013


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I didn't acually steal the postcard, but completely understand the feeling behind the post on Postsecret. My creativity is gone. My need to express, even on this blog, is empty.

The bipolar medication has changed my life. I have taken control. I have a great new job. A great new house. Ended a marraige that was not working. Stopped my crazy behavior. Cut off crazy friends. I have been re-introduced to myself.


I can spend months without socializing. Don't need to. I have been celibate for a year since my divorce. Not one date. Not one scrapbook page. Not one homemade birthday card. No more
photo-a-day contests.

Its a choice I make for my children. I spend time with my kids. They don't care if I am not doing any crafts. I am home with them. Which is most important. My sanity is important. Isn't it?

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