Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two Months...

I cannot believe it has been nearly two months since I have posted. We moved into our new house, started settling down and getting into our new life. Since I turned 44 this year I came up with a list of 44 facts about me. 

1 October 29 we were hit by the storm of the century. It should not take a storm of such magnitude to remind us what we are grateful for.
2 I hate hot tea and coffee, but drink Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea nearly every morning.
3 Whenever I am not watching a particular TV show, I have the Food Network on the TV as background noise. But never make anything I see made.
4 i can never start a TV series in the middle, i always have to go back to the beginning or it will drive me crazy.
5 I watched the new Batman movie and found myself rooting for the bad guy, Bane. Guy got a raw deal.
6 I live 5 minutes from the beach but I have only visited it once in the past eight years. I would much rather get in a pool.
7 I have raised my kids of 13 and 17 to take care of themselves. They won't stay with me forever and have to be prepared, even though I am not emotionally ready for my son to leave for college next fall.
8 I have hundreds of dollars of craft supplies, but I have been unable to create much since starting my bipolar medication.
9 I love the smell of bleach, to the amount that would make most people sick.
10 I am highly allergic to flowers, enough so I can't wear most perfumes or accept a lot of flower bouquets.
11 We always have bite size Snickers in the house. For when our blood sugar is low between meals. At least that's what I tell people...
12 Unless my children are involved I do not watch any sporting events. The just don't interest me. Sorry World Series or Super Bowl, I will be at the snack table.
13 I am most often barefoot in the house. Flip Flops outside if the weather permits. My daughter takes after me in this.
14 I was a wallflower in high school. If I went to my reunion no one would remember me, they would remember my brother.
15 I have an addiction to vampires. It started with Ann Rice and has gone downhill from there. If there is a movie, book or TV show and it involves vampires, I will have to check it out! (My favorites: LeStat, Damon Salvatore & Erik Northman)
16 I would choose visiting an aquarium over a zoo any day. Maybe because they are air conditioned and there is no fear of the sharks escaping, heehee.
17 I love to sing along to music in the car (and anywhere else I can get away with it) much to my children's embarassment!
18 I hate wearing heels, of any kind. Ever.
19 Funny men have always been my weakness. And my downfall.
20 Thunderstorms make me nervous, see #1.
21 I have a phobia of Daddy-Long-Legs spiders. You can't see the bastards until they are right next to you. And that's just too damn close!!!
22 I love playing board and card games, especially with my kids.
23 I am allergic to animals with fur. Makes for no furry pets and one unhappy daughter. Sorry. And yes, even the ones they say are non-allergenic! Hence snakes are our friends.
24 I read very fast. I read Silence of The Lambs in 3 hours.
25 The hardest thing I have ever had to do was say goodbye to my father forever.
26 If i were to redo my college years, I would have chosen a different college and became an interior decorator. My college didn't offer that.
27 When I was little I would catch frogs and put then in my pockets, and my mom would find them later...stiff and dead.
28 I rarely paint my nails, and when I do, I always pick at the color until it comes off later.
29 I have scars covering large portions of my body. I don't cover or hide them. They don't embarass me. They are a part of me and are a great conversation starter.
30 I so need a new prescription for glasses. But it is not in my budget right now, so I use a pair I found in Five Below for $4.
31 I was very shy as a child but now you can't get me to shut up!
32 I cannot watch zombie movies, if a zombie apocalypse really happens I'm screwed.
33 My greatest snack weakness is potato chips and onion dip. If I am feeling guilty I will substitute crisp veggies for the chips.
34 My children are in their teens and I love this age. We have the greatest relationship!
35 I choose to be single right now. After two marraiges, I prefer my own company for a while.
36 You can take the girl out of Jersey, but never take the Jersey out of the girl. And why would you?
37 I do not cry in public. Ever. Doesn't happen.
38 I am a homebody. I love hanging out at home, it's even better when my kids are home.
39 I am carrying some extra pounds due to the medications I am taking. But I have learned to love the body I am in. I am not teaching my daughter bad body values with starvation diets, etc.
40 I have not read the 50 Shades series. But if Ian Somerholder or Alexander Skarsgard is cast in the movie I will have to check it out.
41 I have an extraordinary fear of hand puppets but I love muppets. Don't make me explain the difference.
42 my favorite chain restaurant is Ruby Tuesdays, they have the best salad bar!
43 I love taking photographs and use my iPhone most often. I try to do the #Fatmumslim photo challenge daily.
44 I gave my kids "the Talk" when the were 7, then at 9, 11, etc. with more detail each time. They are going to hear it out in the world, might as well explain the truth and answer any questions. Doing this made my kids comfortable in coming to me with anything. Which is most important.

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