Monday, May 28, 2012

A Letter To My Younger Self

So a few month's ago I saw a post on Intelligent Blonde about writing your younger self a letter to guide you during your younger years. I have been sitting on this for a while, but here goes.
Here's what my letter would say:

You will keep looking for friends in the popular crowd. But your true friends will end up being the wierd kids in the corner like you.

You will be told to keep your opinions to yourself. Always speak your truth.
Your strong father will get very sick for a long time and then die. Do not waste your time with him because you will not get it back. Make sure your children know him well, because he has great stories to tell of his life.

Your mother will be your fiercest ally and friend. Stop fighting with her and learn something about what it is like to be a mom without a husband around all the time. Her life was never easy.

Your younger brother will support you in the end. Stop competing with him and offer to help him out every once in a while. He is having his own difficulties to live through as well.

Try to spend as much time with your sister as you can. She will move far away when you get older, and after your father dies you will hardly ever see her. And she is so fun to be with!

You will deal with Malignant Melanoma three times and find out that it runs in your family.  Put on some sunscreen and stop laying out! You may save your life.
You will not fit in during High School. You will be a wallflower and actually come out of your shell in College. Then you will learn what it means to have your own identity and personality.

You will have a near fatal boat accident when you are 20.  It will be a very long and painful journey but you will come out a stronger woman, who learns who her true friends are. It will completely change your life for the better.

You will graduate College with a Bachelor's degree which will be very long and grueling work, but it will teach you perseverence! It will also bring you a lot of respect.


You will marry and have the big white wedding. But years later, he will leave you alone with two kids.  It will nearly kill you, but you will grow more independent and learn to take care of yourself.

You will live in Germany after getting married for the first time. Pay attention in German class in high school because it will be greatly needed then!

You will have great difficulty in having children. But eventually they will come. And they will be smart, strong, beautiful children who will make you proud.

You will do some dangerous, crazy things in your life due to your lack of control. Seek professional help early because you have Bipolar Disorder and are in need of medication.

Happily ever after isn't always happy. You must find happiness in yourself and not in someone else. Because at the end of it all, it will just be you.

Do not let the nay-sayers get you down.

Treat yourself with respect, and let no one else do otherwise. 

You will be hurt, learn from it and move on.

Laugh, love, create and enjoy life every day.


  1. new follower.... I love that idea...I need to sit down and do this sometime!


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