Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This weekend I upgraded my phone from an iPhone 3GS to a 4GS. I basically upgraded for the better camera and the new Siri app. I have been so happy with that decision. The new camera is 8 megapixels and has a flash (which the 3GS was lacking.) It also works as a flashlight that is so bright. I was even able to find some low cost covers for it at Five Below because I get bored quickly and have to changer "her" clothes often like a Barbie, hee hee.

Siri is just great. You just have to be sure and speak clearly, but it saves a lot of typing when looking for information. The kids are getting a kick out of asking her crazy questions. My son tries to trick her into answering questions about the game Halo, but she is all business all the time, LOL.  I tell her "text my husband that I am getting gas" and in two seconds flat she is done, without me having to try and find the letters while driving. I asked her to marry me, but she spewed legal speak and got herself out of it. Like a woman.

In July, my husband bought me an iPad 2 for my birthday. I just love it! I can surf my blogs, play games or write posts right on the couch. Totally adds to my laziness!  He now complains that I pay more attention to it than him, but hey it totally gets me through his alligator hunting and alien pyramid shows. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

Have you fallen for the lure of the smartphone? Have you been pleased with your purchase?


  1. I'm a mac girl but the iphone doesn't support T-mobile's 4G network yet, (I hear they're working on it) so I opted for the Samsung Galaxy II. It's awesome and I'm loving it! Long answer to a short question.

    Thanks for stopping by and just a tip, don't ignore a husband who gives I-pad b-day gifts. Someone besides alligators will find him very attractive!

  2. Hi, following you back from Hump Day Blog Hop! I hope you enjoy your new iPhone.

  3. I absolutely love my iPhone...I feel so lost without it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back :)

  4. I love my HTC Incredible AND my iTouch 4G.

    I don't think I'll ever return to the days of 'dumbphone' LOL


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