Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Trip to NYC

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On Saturday of last week we took a quick trip into New York City.  We live in New Jersey and the trips to New York City shouldn't be so far apart.  But alas, being so close, we hardly ever go.  Our family had a celebration at a small italian restaurant in Manhattan, so a small bus was chartered for the NJ part of the family.  Our children are getting older so we do not see our family quite so often, so the trip was full of family updates and reminiscing!
Once we went through the Holland Tunnel, all eyes were on the city.  We all live in the suburbs, so city life is still fascinating to us.  The shops right on top of each other, the street festivals, the varied public milling around....
The meal was quite enjoyable at a restaurant called Domenico's.  The volume of the crowd became quite loud, as people from New York and New York can get!
In retrospect, I wonder what we would have done differently that night. My dear uncle who organized this delightful affair died recently after suffering from End Stage Lung Cancer. That was the last occasion that many of our family would see him alive. I brings great pains to my chest that I did not gush over to him with a dramatic farewell, but he would have scoffed me away as he did.
I am glad he was able to enjoy this last family feast with us and leave a beautiful memory in all of our hearts to remember him by. We all loved you Uncle Bill. You were a great man.

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