Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That Make Me Grumpy

Things That Make Me Grumpy

So… I found this at Softthistle and she made it an open meme, and I am deep in PMS so let me tell you all seven things that make me grumpy!
  1. Being woken up too early in the morning. Or waking me up anytime I am sleeping and I am not ready to get up (meaning I don't HAVE to get up for anything.) I will get up when I am ready people!!
  2. Not having any chocolate in the house whatsoever. (especially NOW)
  3. My internet being SLOW. I think I have ADD (or at least I've been told that, lol) and I don't want to have to wait!!!
  4. Being HUNGRY, my family knows to stay outta my way when I am hungry.
  5. My period. How long do I have to suffer with this!
  6. Being too HOT. Or the kids whining that it is too cold. Get a sweater brats!
  7.  Being on a healthy eating diet for what seems like FOREVER and gaining weight!  WTF?
So… that’s my seven things that make me grumpy.
Now I get to tag some people.

I tag….
My Mercurial Nature
I'm Gonna Kill Him
Oh, also YOU! Tell me in the comments what makes you grumpy… I want to know!


  1. uh yeah. i concur with all of yours!

  2. HI MamaTink.. how are you? I am just so busy these days with the new job that anything that is taking a long time to do.. it is making me grumpy as along with any talking.....

  3. LMAO We sound VERY much alike!! Thanks for the tag...I'll get mine up today. :)

  4. Hi mama tink! thanks for the tag and sorry for being so late to comment. I had problems with my laptop but its ok now and im back!

    You save me one entry, lav yah!

  5. Hey Mama Tink! thats a nice post..and I can crib now..hehehe

    This that make me grumpy -
    -->those monthly menstrual cramps and mood swings
    -->unclean house


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