Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday Part 2!

1. What was your high school superlative (if you didn’t have one- what would it have been)?Most Likely to Blend Into the Scenery.

2. What sports did you play in high school?Sports? Not.  I was the manager of the Boys Soccer Team though.  Just involved writing, walking and riding the bus to the games.  I can do that!

3. What was the best part about your wedding (if you’re not married yet, what are you looking forward to)?
Which one?  Ha.  Second marraige - Vegas, no Moms or Mothers In Law, no offense moms!

4. It’s your last meal– what Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entree and Dessert would you choose?

Appetizer: Chevy's chips & salsa & queso
Soup: French Onion Soup with lots and lots of cheese!
Salad: Olive Garden salad
Entree: My husband's Shrimp Penne Ala Vodka.
Dessert: Hmmm, can it be Homemade Macaroni & Cheese?

5. What song is your guilty pleasure?
Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode.  Heard it on 21 Jumpstreet and it was my favorite from then on.

6. What is your favorite professional sports team, and why do you like them?
I will say Redbulls, cause my Dad is a huge fan.

7. What is your favorite reality show and why do you like it?
America's Next Top Model.  No wait, Tool Academy.  No wait, Celebrity Rehab.  No wait, Sober House.  Damn, I cant choose.

8. How would you classify your home decorating style (modern, classic, french country)?

9. Pizza- deep dish or thin crust? White sauce or red sauce? What toppings?
Thin crust well done, red sauce, cheese only.  Will do sausage & meatballs if my arm is twisted
10. Favorite weekend getaway within a two hour driving radius?
New Hope/Lahaska, PA.  Bed & Breakfasts, shopping, strolling, dining.  Heavenly.


  1. Oh I totally forgot about being student manager/doing stats in college. I was student manager for the boys basketball team & did stats for football. But I have never really had any interest in sports. I think it was my pitiful attempt to spend more time around boys that I had crushes on!!

  2. manager of the Boys Soccer Team, whew! that's interesting. I've never been a sports enthusiast. they never let me in coz I was too thin back then.

    btw, thanks for the comment and the follow.

  3. MMMMMM...now you have me craving Mac & Cheese! Fun Q&A!

    Hope you're having a great week!♥


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