Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Head Banging

Last night I was sitting in my car outside my daughter's dance studio, waiting for class to end, passing the time playing Bejeweled on my iPhone, listening to the radio. My head was pounding from the migraines I get once a month and I was looking forward to the Vicoden/pepsi cocktail that chases it away.

I love listening to Sirius XM radio, the Octane channel mostly, which plays current alternative/rock music. Next thing I know, I hear the beat line for "Y'all Wanna Single" by Korn. My inborn rock goddess kicks in and my head starts banging and I start singing.
Which makes me quickly learn my lesson! Because my head starts banging back in pain, reminding me why I am sitting in the car and not sitting in the dance studio! It also reminds me of my age so that I stop, before my daughter gets in the car and tells me herself! 

Does anyone else's kids remind them that they should act like adults, and not like they wish?

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