Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My son & the SAT's

013_edited-2Below was copied from my Myspace blog.  Which was where I first tried out the blogging thing.  Transferring them over to my "real" blog since I may be closing the Myspace account.  Don't want to lose the memories!May 5, 2008 - Monday 

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Ok so this weekend my son, Matthew, took the SAT's.  He is twelve.  I am so proud that he did it, but also feel guilty for putting him through it.  He was a wreck before it started, but then found out it wasnt so bad.  He walked out of there very relieved, while the high schoolers around him were crushed at how hard it was.  I cannot believe how smart this boy is.  I love the fact that he is so proud of it.  If he was to get a C on his report card he would be crushed.  I am happy he has this drive, while still being a funny, sensitive child (on the verge of being a man!)  Good going, Matt, shoot for the stars!!

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