Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Re-appearance of the Big C (The Family Edition)

This post was published 10/1/2008.  My father has since undergone brain surgery from a large squamous tumor on his brain, so this Prostate Cancer was merely a brief worry when the Brain Cancer (his 4th cancer) came along in December of that same year.  My father is still alive and suffers from the after affects of the brain surgery and radiation to the brain, which are quite debilitating.  He is now 78 and in no rush to let the Reaper take him.

Anyone who knows my family knows the effect that cancer has had on it.  I personally have had it, my mother and now my father, again.  This would be his third time.  The first time he handled the radiation well.  The second time the radiation and chemo nearly took him.   Lets just say they changed him for life.  But my father is very strong and stubborn and wouldn't let it get the best of him.  The last time they gave him 6 months and it has been 5 years and still kicking. 

But this one is in an entirely new area.  He is now 76 years old.  They say it can be treated with hormone treatments and specialized radiation, so we are hopeful.  He is, of course, going to Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) for a second opinion and maybe a third with a specialist in our area, who used to run that department at FCCC.  I am just very frustrated.  I work for a Doctor of Internal Medicine.  So I have seen this disease run past my desk before.  I know how other doctors have treated it.  I know of additional testing that needs to be done to ensure that it has not spread outside of the area (which they said it has not, but he has not had the testing.)  I keep trying to push my parents to request this testing but feel I am being shushed. 

I know he was just diagnosed yesterday, but if it were me I would be scheduling these tests right away.  Sorry if I am seeming morbid.  I just would want all of the information up front and then we can deal with it.  I just needed to get it off my chest.

Update:  Family listened but doctor still will not do testing I think is necessary.  And life goes on...

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