Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. It became officially summer on Monday. What's your favorite part of winter?

Snow Days - State of Emergency so NO ONE can work

2. What was your worst summer vacation ever?

I honestly can't think of any.

3. Kimber's husband just got the dream job that he's hoped for. So a big shout out to her and Anthony! Tell us about the best job that you ever had.

Being a mother, unfortunately I would like to do it as a SAHM, but oh well

4. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?

My ex-husband's new wife.  Hates me apparently.  Sorry honey, I will always be their real mom.
5. An alien appears and offers you the opportunity to repeat one year of your life. You will still know everything that you know now. He explains that no matter what you do differently, when you are returned to the present nothing will have changed. What year would you pick and why?

There are too many years I would redo, but if nothing would change in the end, why bother?

6. Name three things you have on you at all times. Explain why.

iPhone, wedding rings, clothes (cause I am private that way)

7. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?

No clue.

8. If you could have everyone in the blogosphere read just one of your posts, which post would you pick and why?

The one about my most interesting injury.

9. I recently read that the music industry continues to decline at an alarming rate. In the last year it said the sales of Michael Jackson's and The Beatles' music are the only artists who sales continue to climb. The article stated that the two are holding up the industry. Have you bought a CD or mp3 of either artist recently?

Never have. 

10. What radio ad right now do you find so annoying that you'd rather have a tooth drilled than hear it again?

I tune out the commercials, or switch stations to more music.

11. Berleen walks into a bar on a hot Minnesota day. At the bar sits a priest, a rabbi and a minister. A ten foot duck walks into the bar right after Berleen. What drink do you think Berleen orders?

A strong drink, those are some weird drinking partners

12. There is a knock on your door. It can be anyone in the world. Who would you want it to be?
My Aunt Pat.
13. What would be the worst entertainment or sporting that you could be forced to watch?

Golf. Torture.

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